Discover Canada

Canada is a country full of variation, a vast corner of the globe that can be discovered in several trips. It's hard not to fall in love with her nature, the lakes, the forests, the meadows, and wild beaches. It is wonderful to see this beautiful nature transform during the change of seasons, between the icy white of winter, the emerald heat of summer and the vibrant flamboyant red of autumn.

The decor is not always the same and you can discover both large modern cities as well as small provincial towns. Canada is appreciated by tourists for its nature. Indeed, for those who love outdoor activities they can enjoy cycling, hiking, canoeing, climbing, camping, etc.

Canada is also known for its great ethnic diversity. As a result, the country can offer a variety of dishes from different parts of the world. Canada is also famous for its annual music, food, and cultural festivals.

Canada has more than 37 million inhabitants and the federal capital is Ottawa. The currency used is the Canadian dollar and the two official languages are English and French.


Are you planning to travel to Canada soon?

If so, then the wide green spaces, beautiful wilderness and gigantic cities of Canada's cities are waiting for you!
There is always something to do, see and discover in Canada whatever the season of the year.

When to visit Canada?

What is the best time to visit Canada?

This answer will depend on your expectations and what you want in terms of activities and temperatures.

In winter, nature lovers and adventurers at heart can experience the myth of the far north. As an activity you can go skiing, memorable walks with sled dogs or snowmobiles and go snowshoeing. On the other hand, winter in Canada is very harsh and the thermometer can go down to -20°C! This is the period when the number of tourists is the lowest.

In spring, nature is transformed, and the temperatures are much more pleasant. Spring quickly gives way to summer.

Summer remains the favorite season for tourists because it is a very pleasant time to discover the country. In summer, it can be up to 30°C in August. It is during this period that many take the opportunity to go for a walk in the national parks, or to sail on the rivers. Summer is also the season for festivals, including the famous Montreal Jazz Festival. This warm period is also the best time to see whales.

Fall is for many the season of love! The maple and birch forests are adorned with incredible colors. Many photographers take the opportunity to take beautiful photos. In the evening, however, the temperatures are cooler.

Practical information

What languages are the most spoken in Canada?

Canadian French is an official variant of French. It includes dialects from different regions of Canada, including French-speaking Quebec, Acadia (Atlantic region) and the Prairies (Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan).

Quebec is the only province where most of the population is French speaking. In fact, Francophones in Quebec represent approximately 90% of the Francophone population of Canada.

Do people speak English in Quebec?

Most people working in the tourism sector in neighborhoods such as Old Quebec, Petit-Champlain, Place Royale and the Old Port speak English, but this is not necessarily the case for residents of other neighborhoods. As everywhere in the world, globalization has meant that more people are able to speak English.

The Island of Montreal region is home to a considerable percentage of English-speaking Quebecers. Most English speakers in the province are concentrated in the West Island and the western half of Montreal, but the metropolis is fully bilingual

What currency is used in Canada?

The Canadian dollar was introduced in 1871 as the official national currency and is only used in Canada. 1-dollar is divided into 100 Cents.
ISO 4127: DAC
Currency symbol: $