Canada is a country full of variation, a vast corner of the globe that can be discovered in several trips. It's hard not to fall in love with her nature, the lakes, the forests, the meadows, and wild beaches. It is wonderful to see this beautiful nature transform during the change of seasons, between the icy white of winter, the emerald heat of summer and the vibrant flamboyant red of autumn.

The decor is not always the same and you can discover both large modern cities as well as small provincial towns. Canada is appreciated by tourists for its nature. Indeed, for those who love outdoor activities they can enjoy cycling, hiking, canoeing, climbing, camping, etc.

Canada is also known for its great ethnic diversity. As a result, the country can offer a variety of dishes from different parts of the world. Canada is also famous for its annual music, food, and cultural festivals.

To have the right to enter the Canada (transit or destination), it is necessary to have an evisa called ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization).

The request for electronic authorization can be done quickly online. Please note that the Canadian immigration law allows a tourist stay of a maximum duration of six months over a period of one year.

Canada is 15 times the size of France. In bars and restaurants, it is customary to tip.

Do's and Don'ts

Canadians are very respectful of the rules and pay close attention to the good respect of traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, and order in queues.

The Canadians do not like when people throw dirt (papers/chewing gum and cigarettes) on the floor.

Canada is a tolerant country due to its mixed ethnicity and religious diversity.

Many Canadians speak English. However, in Quebec, it is mainly the French language which is spoken. The people in Quebec are known to be very friendly.

Never compare though a Canadian to an American, they really hate that.

It is forbidden to consume alcohol on the street or in open places such as parks. Failure to comply with this law may result in a fine. Smoking is also prohibited in public places.

Please note that the consumption of cannabis is legal in some provinces of Canada, such as Quebec. However, it is strongly recommended that you find out beforehand about the rules applying to this subject to have the latest news on this subject.