What languages are the most spoken in Canada?

Canadian French is an official variant of French. It includes dialects from different regions of Canada, including French-speaking Quebec, Acadia (Atlantic region) and the Prairies (Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan).

Quebec is the only province where most of the population is French speaking. In fact, Francophones in Quebec represent approximately 90% of the Francophone population of Canada.

Do people speak English in Quebec?

Most people working in the tourism sector in neighborhoods such as Old Quebec, Petit-Champlain, Place Royale and the Old Port speak English, but this is not necessarily the case for residents of other neighborhoods. As everywhere in the world, globalization has meant that more people are able to speak English.

The Island of Montreal region is home to a considerable percentage of English-speaking Quebecers. Most English speakers in the province are concentrated in the West Island and the western half of Montreal, but the metropolis is fully bilingual

What currency is used in Canada?

The Canadian dollar was introduced in 1871 as the official national currency and is only used in Canada. 1-dollar is divided into 100 Cents.

ISO 4127: DAC
Currency symbol: $


Typical Canadian dishes

Here is a small list of the most famous and appreciated dishes in Canada


The traditional Quebec dish

Baked beans

Another typical Quebec dish appreciated since the beginnings of the colony. Composed of white or black beans, to which we add bacon, onions, molasses, and maple syrup to bring a little sweet taste to the dish

The Minçavi meat pie (La Tourtière)

It is one of the most popular traditional Quebec dishes. This delicious meat pie consists of a pie shell filled with beef or pork, then seasoned with spices before being baked.

Pea soup

Like baked beans, pea soup has been eaten in Quebec since the early days of the colony. A legend says that these two dishes enabled the first inhabitants to survive the long winter months.

The Chinese dough (Le pâté chinois)

Quebec gastronomy consists of rustic, hearty and delicious dishes. The chinese pie is not an oriental dish, it is a form of dough to which corn is added. It was served to Asian workers in the 19th century, which gave it this name. It is indeed a typical Quebec dish, very popular with locals!

Smoked Meat Sandwich

Also known as "Smoked Meat", the smoked meat sandwich is a traditional Quebec dish that originated in the country's Jewish community. It is a typical Montreal specialty. It consists of several slices of beef brisket, rye bread, often accompanied by fries, coleslaw, pickles, and other condiments.


Lobster fished from Gaspesie and Madeleine from these regions comes in different recipes: boiled, with herbs and spices, and even in beer. It is sometimes accompanied by Matane shrimp, another Quebec specialty!

Poor man’s pudding (Le pouding chômeur)

This pudding is the classic dessert in Quebec! It was invented during the Great Depression. Appreciated by the working classes and very economical, its name comes from this difficult period when there were many unemployed people. This dish is prepared either by pouring maple syrup over the dough, which soaks up as it rises, or with brown sugar. This delicious and moist dessert is often accompanied by a scoop of ice cream!

The maple taffy

This dessert can be found in sugar shacks. It consists of boiled maple syrup which is then poured over to harden it.

The beaver tail

Beaver tail is not a typical Quebec dish. Perfect for dessert, this fluffy yet firm beavertail-shaped donut is topped with maple syrup, chocolate, and other jams for a sweet treat!